CHEM/BTEC5P38: Bioanalytical Chemistry

Chemical and biochemical techniques used for separation, detection, and analysis of biomolecules and special topics in functional nucleic acids and nanomedicine.


CHEM3P41: Instrumental Methods for Quantitative Analysis

Modern instrumentation and their applications to quantitative chemical analysis.


BTEC2P09: Introduction to Biotechnology

Introduction of fundamental concepts and techniques of biotechnology, with particular emphasis on recombinant DNA technology and genomics, medical biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, bioremediation, DNA fingerprinting and forensic analysis.


CHEM2P42: Introduction to Analytical Chemistry

Introduction of fundamental concepts of quantitative chemical analysis, with particular emphasis on the principles, methods, and experimental applications of pH, solubility, and redox equilibria, titrimetry, electrochemistry, separation techniques, spectrophotometry, and evaluation of experimental data.